Wednesday, May 19, 2010

big slacker!

Hi All! Sorry, I haven't updated lately. I've been slacking. :( and busy trying to score some job interviews. Its been really slow and getting really frustrating at certain times. So after sending out over dozen resumes out the last few weeks. I finally got a phone call for an interview *finally*. The interview is tomorrow at a dental office on Newbury Street, where all the designers shops are at :D I am a bit nervous for my interview tomorrow and I hope I get the job too. Wish me luck all!~

So last Thursday, I went to NY for a day with my family, parents and sister. It was just a day trip because my sister and mom had the day off. My sister drove us there, props to her! I was bored in the back seat so I was taking random pictures of myself. *lack of makeup on*

The first thing we went to NY is to eat! Yes, lunch time! We went to Joe's Shanghai. I heard so much good things about this restaurant. We went there around 11am before the lunch rush hour. The first thing the waiter asked us what kind of soup dumpling we wanted before we could even sit down! So crazy, we ordered the regular meat one and the crab one. I didn't eat the crab one in case it is made with Blue crab because I am allergic to it. I wasn't going to risk that so early in the trip to NY.

the rice cake was my favorite. It taste a lot better than Boston's restaurants. I thought the soup dumpling were pretty good too. I really like NY food. So much cheaper and yummier! I can't wait to go back and try more food :D

We spend most of the time there shopping for little things. My mission was to find plain white Mahjong tiles but my mission failed. Either it was too expensive or they didn't have it. They had only GREEN! I don't like that color and my mahjong table top is green anyways. Yes, I am picky with my stuff. Oh well.

My sister took my to Elizabeth Center to take some sticky pictures. I used to take a lot of these but in the days but the Boston ones sucks. You can't decorate or take cool ones like these! I wish they had some around here. They are a bit pricy too :(

sorry for the blurriness. I guess they all came like that? I don't know. I wish the color were a bit better. Well that's all for now. I have to get my beauty sleep and prep everything for tomorrow interview....

OH yeah one last thing. This Saturday is the day I've been waiting for! New Kids on The Block at MGM Foxwoods. I can't wait. I will post picture from the concert! AHHHHHH!!! So excited. I can't wait to see Jordan Knight!!! he is so freaking HOTTTTT!!!~ Here are some picture from my twitter friends that they took on the NKOTB Cruise last weeekend.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

☑ ☐

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bare Escentuals Tutorial- FOILED EYE Review/Swatch

Hey all, I got this Bare Escentuals Tutorial- Foiled Eye from Sephora's VIB special. This was free, retail price was $54, when you purchase anything in the store. I didn't really need anything, so I just brought this small eye pencil sharpener for $2.00. So basiclly I got this Bare Escentuals Eye Tutorail and pencil sharpener just for $2.00+tax, not bad at all! If you are Sephora's VIB member go get it while they still have them in stock even though it doesn't end till 12/31/11.

This is how the box looks like. You will need to go to the counter/register with your coupon to get this. Because I was looking for it at the store and I asked one of the sales girl where I can find this. This came with Duo-Eye Shadow brush and 2 mineral eye shadows- Disco and Night Owl.

Inside the box/cover will tell you the techniques and way to use these colors. You can use them dry or wet as well.
Here are the swatches (please excuse my hair arm/hand hahaha)- first one of the left is Disco and the one of the bottom right is Night Owl. I really like these color. It really easy to apply. You don't need a lot of the brush to get the color. I tested them out on my eye but I forgot to take picture. Dummy me! lol I will use this again and will update this post with picture of them on my eyes.

I always want to purchase these eye tutorials from bareEscentuals but it was a bit pricy for me. I am happy that I got this for free. I hope this help you!!

This month of May is going to be really busy with me. My unemployment benefit got exhausted this week. So I had to call unemployment assistants to get an extension. Sadly this will be my only extension I have and its only for 16 weeks. So I will be busy looking for a job and going to interviews. Ugh!! :( Other than that, my weekends seems to be all booked up till mid June! I have 3 birthdays to go too. This weekend my brother's bday +mother's day brunch/dinner, following weekend my bf's nephew and following following weekend my NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT! YEAH! I can't wait for that. After that weekend is my bf's niece's birthday party. Beginning of June is our friend's wedding... So busyy!! and also poor! Well I hope you all have a nice weekend!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Findings

This weekend the weather has be really nice and warm. We haven't had much great weather... few days ago. I was freezing to death because it was so cold around 40 degrees or so. But over the weekend it was beaming warm weather around upper 75-80ish degree. So of course the boyfriend and I went shopping around the area. Wrenthem outlet again and Providence Place Mall in Rhode Island on Saturday. We came back to our home area to find this great restaurant, about 2-3 minutes drive from our house. We went to this Italian restaurant called, The Vineyards, they do take out/dinning. It was really cozy, old fashioned Italian restaurant. We went there because they were advertising fresh 3lb steamer for $9.94 for a few weeks. I've been dying to go there because I love steamers. So we finally went there yesterday and I was so surprised that the price went down! I was sooo happy it was for $8.99. It was so yummy. *see photo below* My boyfriend ordered Chicken Rozziti *something like that* His dish was good too. I can see us coming back to this restaurant again.

So today we went out again to find some sunglasses for my boyfriend. He needed new one for driving. He finally found something he likes at Marshalls and it was pretty cheap. $9.99 for Kenneth Cole ones. We went to Wrenthem yesterday and they were selling for $39.90. Anywho, we wanted to look for glasses clips for the car. We assumed the dollar store might sell them. So we went to Dollar Tree. Sadly, we did not find anything BUT I found something else... ELF products. I couldn't believe our Dollar Tree store was selling Elf stuff. Of course, I grabbed some stuff. I got a blending brushes and 2 eye shadow quads in Silver Lining and Nouveau Neutrals. They had some brushes, quads, lip glosses, eye liners. It was not a big selection of the products. So if anyone of you or know anyone that is looking for ELF products, try Dollar Tree. I know some people have seen them at Targets, my Target doesn't have them. So I guess another place to try.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I will be posting more stuff sometime this week. I hope you all had a nice weekend!!