Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save the Date Magnets

Sorry, the photos are not the best because its coming out from my cellphone. I don't have a camera right now. I hope I will get one soon. I added one to my wedding registry but I might buy it myself instead. I used to have a camera but the quality is bad and its broke as well. ugh!

Yeah, these are my magnets which I designed on photoshop and ordered it though

Monday, June 20, 2011



Yeah, no shopping for anything for the next 2 weeks. Let see how long this will last. Like seriously, I've been buying things for myself or for the wedding every week. Its getting out of hand. I need to stop and save on for certain items I need to buy, example his wedding band and his wedding gift. Those 2 items are quite expensive. I def. need to save up a bit for those. I am going to also try not to spend too much money on lunch, $20 a week! I will bring my own lunch the next 2 weeks but I might buy something incase I get tired of eating ham and cheese every day. I have no idea how my fiancee does it for like 2 years now. Crazy?? I know.


I have no idea how much I was spending or how much I was buying until I look into my bank account. Like where did my money go? On food and clothes/accessories. ugh!

Anyways, lets talk about my wedding updates. Few weeks ago we did our engagement photos in Boston. We are still waiting for our photos. I can't wait to see them and how they look. It should be any time now. I can't wait to use them part of our wedding. I got some ideas and tricks in mind. Hopefully, they will turn out well. We just mailed most of our invitations this weekend. I still have some I need to mail out that are out of state, once I confirm the addresses. So far our family received them and they all love it! I already received a few RSVP too! I love getting those in the mail every day! Its exciting so far we haven't got any NAYS! yay! Next post I will post up some sneak peeks of the invitations and probably the SAVE THE DATEs as well!

Thanks for reading!