Wednesday, August 24, 2011

every little detail- Music

I never really image how much detail there is in a wedding. Yes, I've been thinking about this day for the longest time. Only 46 days until the wedding. I am freaking out this week. Why I am freaking out this week? Well I just came back from Myrtle Beach with my fiancee's family. It was a lot of fun. I didn't think about the wedding at all over the one week. After I came back, I was just chilling because I just want to relax and go back to reality. After all that being said, I am nervous. I've been emailing my vendors back and forth, trying to figure out when we should meet to finish up with all the details. I like being prepare before I met with them. I have about a month until I met with all of them. Let start off with this detail that I think its one of the most important part of the wedding, MUSIC.

Music is a big deal with me. I love music. Music is love and my life. P always love to listen to Cannon in D. Of course that will be the song I will be walking down from the isle. I've been trying to find other music for our ceremony. I think I have that all set. I haven't figure out who will walk in what order yet.

I am pretty ecstatic about the reception wedding party entrance. I already have the songs I want. I can't wait until it comes together. I hope their is no complains from the wedding party OR ELSE! It will be a def. fun wedding. I found the perfect song for the father and daughter dance. Every time I listen to the song. I just want to cry. Its so beautiful. I hope my dad will like the song too. P doesn't really care what song for the son and mother dance, so I picked out.... let keep that a surprise for my guests *in case they are reading this*

I am sick and tired of hearing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce during the bouquet toss. I have been researching and I found a great song and its a Beyonce song. Do you know which one? I am going with being different route. I don't like these over played wedding songs. I like to be different.

I love NKOTB, BSB, all these boy band and Justin Beiber! I want to incorporate their music into the wedding, especially Jordan Knight and NKOTB <3 P likes the dance music. We will have a good amount of songs to play during dinner and on the dance floor. What kind of music will you have for your wedding day?