Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Gifts and hauls

So yesterday was my birthday and I went to Boston to go shopping and bought few items and got some free items as well for my birthday. So stuff I brought not from yesterday just some things I got in April. I brought few stuff from Sephora during their F&F sale.

I got the Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Palette- Backstage, Urban Decay Stereophonic 24/7 Set- Stereophonic 24/7 Set, Benefit Cosmetics High Beam, and the free birthday gift- Sephora Collection Beautiful Eyes Kit

I got these really cute little totes from IKEA. They were only $.99. I brought these for my mother's and aunts' day that is coming up. I am planning to fill them with some goodies.
At the Body Shop, I got some face concealer. I needed face concealer, my sister suggested to get this. So I'll see how this goes.
Went to CVS I saw this on sale for $1.99 each. I need some pastel colors and others as well. They are Sally Hansen Extreme Nail polish.
MAC Lippie- Lady Gaga, my first MAC lippie product from them. I really like the color. I think I want the Cyndi Lauper one too.

Stuff from The Body Work- Blush, Concealer, Eye shadows, Eye Blending Brush
Stuff from Sephora- Tokidoki 3 nail buggers and lipgloss

Ok that is a lot of stuff I got. Yesterday at Sephora the lady said I shop too much. Roar!~ but whatever. I don't think I will be getting anymore stuff any time soon.

I hope you all enjoy this post.
Oh yeah, I also got some more lippies... will post that sometime this week with some swatches.


Monday, April 26, 2010

almost that time of the year...

So tomorrow is my birthday, yes I am getting old. I am turning 26 -__-" Sometimes I don't believe that I am already 26. I feel like I am 21 still haha... Every year on my birthday is always rain and guess what! It's going to rain tomorrow or at least drizzles and showers. bummer!~ I was looking forward on a nice sunny day, let's hope it is. Over the weekend, I had my whole family over for a bbq. It was a combo of housewarming/birthday. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work too serving about 20-25 people. My bf and I didn't expect that our house would hold so many people because its not like a big house, its about 1400 sq ft.

It's not that big but I'm glad every had fun over the weekend. I am lazy to post up some of the pictures I took... maybe the next post I will. (sorry)

So my parents and sister came down to visit me today to take me out shopping and dinner for my birthday tomorrow. We went to Wretham Outlet. I brought a Coach bag for myself. *pic will come soon* and my sister brought me 2 short dresses and 2 belts *pic coming soon*
I live pretty close to the outlet not my favorite out but i love to shop there once a while. Usually its busy on the weekends and at the Coach store you would have to wait in line to get in. Its crazy but I've seen worst at the Seattle, WA outlets. After shopping, we came back to my house because my sister wants to borrow some of my bags that I don't really use much. She ended up with 2 of my Gucci bags -__-" she already borrowing one already now another 2. ugh! but whatever, I don't use it much. I hope she doesn't get it all dirty :( after dinner we went to Twin River Casino-Lincoln, RI- its a casino fills with slots and machines. I won $105 from the penny slots, very happy with my winnings.

So tomorrow is my birthday, so my BF made reservations to Ruth's Chris in Boston. I am very excited about my dinner because we never been there before and we heard a lot of good things about them. Only thing is that I will be out in Boston all day long till my BF gets out of work at 5pm. So I will be out there for at least 8 hours. I have few things I wanted to purchase some stuff at the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall and I want to get my pedi and mani done as well on Newbury Street...

I will be updating more stuff soon... be ready for it!

Goodnight, Dolls!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick update

I am happy that I have few follows even though I just started this blog. I want to thank you ladies. Sorry, I haven't updated for a while because I've been busy this whole week planning a housewarming bbq party with my family. I've been prepping and cleaning the house and also planning to make food and etc. It's a lot of work to do for 20-25 people.

Right now I want to share this with you all. Something I just start doing and looking at YT videos. Nails! I am so into bows right now, on clothes, nails, jewelry and etc. I would buy anything that has a cute bow. So I saw this on YT the other day, I thought it was pretty cute. So here is my version. I hope you all like it. I will post more next week with my mini hauls and stuff.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

laziness...or maybe I am just a bit busy

haha... yes, I've been really lazy or busy or it could be a little of both. My bf and I are planning to have a bbq this coming Saturday with my family. Because we brought this house 8 months ago and they still have not visit yet. So this is kinda combined Housewarming/My Birthday. haha I am turning 26 and still having birthday parties. -__-" Well its more for the house than for my birthday. Anyways, we've been trying to get the house ready. My dad came over on Monday to put a screen door on our patio door. Yes, we don't know how to do a lot of things and yes, I call my dad to come over to help us. We also brought a bunch of food and my mom is bringing over some beef short ribs from H-Mart so we can grill it. I am a bit excited and nervous... there is going to be more people than I expected. I didn't realize I have a lot of little cousins... I hope everyone fits in the house >_<

We went to IKEA on Monday after my dad left. I wanted this tall bookcase for our office. I just want to be more organized in the office because I turned it into a crafty office... haha... And I saw these really cute little reusable bags from IKEA. They were only $.99!! it was so cheap (see pic below). Arent's there cute or what? I am planning to use one of these for my sister and cousin. I brought a bunch of face sheet mask and other cutes things from and dsk jewelry and samples

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another giveaway to share

Another giveaway to share... This was forever Princess' First Giveway. Please give props to her.
Amazing products she is giving away. Please click here on the photo below

Good Luck

Simple Beautiful: 100+ Giveaway

Please visit this site for this 100+ giveaway. A chance for you to win great prizes :)


Better Skin

I always had problems with my skin, oily, dryness, blemishes, scars, pimples and the list goes on. I tried alot of products trying to clear up my skin and making it look more healthier like most of my friends and family. We all have different type of skin, I've tried what they have recommended me but it does not work well. I suppose I might not have the right moisturizers or used any toners or I wasn't doing what I was suppose to be doing, taking care of my skin the right way. So lately I have so much time in my hands due to not working. I've been watching a lot of gurus on Some of these girls inspire me a lot on how they take care of their skin and what products they have used and of course I also did a lot of research on these products before I decided to purchase them. One of the gurus I was watching was BubzBeauty, she is really sweet and lovable girl who is Chinese-Irish. I love watching her videos and how she does makeup and hair tutorials. I came across one of her video that talked about how she took care of her skin and that she loves loves this brand Laniege. Laniege is a Korean brand skin product. This brand is very hard to find in the United States. So I researched online that you can purchase them online at

These are the some of the products that I have been using for over a month or so. First I start off using Laneige Multi-Cleanser and followed by the Pore Clear Cleanser Foam. I usually use both of these at night before I go to bed.

After cleansing my face I would you the Pore Refiner (Toner). I really like this toner, its really light and refreshing and then I would put on the moisturizer, Ultra-Hydro Emulsion EM. This works really well if you have combination skin, it make you skin really hydrated. I usually put the moisturizer on when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

The next products I will be sharing with you that I uses only 1-2 times a week.

Laniege Water Sleeping Pack is amazing. I love this. I would put this on right after I put on the toner and put this on instead of the moisturizer. I only do this once a week, especially on the night that I was out all night long or on a stressful day.

Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel- I love this stuff too. It works amazing!! I would just rubs this gently on my face right after I cleanser it. While you are gently rubbing this on your whole face, you will see white stuff on your finger, that is all the dead skins. After I cleans this off with warm water. My skin feels really smooth. After I done that I would put on the Strawberry Yogurt Pack for moisturizing. I was gently massage this throughout my face for about 5-8 minutes and wait for another 10 minutes or so I can rinse my face off. This is ok product but I do love the smell. I would use this 2 product back to back and uses it 1-2 times a week. Right now I am using it twice a week but I will change soon to only using it once a week.

Some of the products you can find at or at any Korean beauty store. I found AMORE at H-Mart at Burlington, MA. I spend like an hour at the store. The sales girl was very nice and gave me a lot of free samples and an AMORE bag.

So that is my daily facial routine.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming posts...

It's been a while since I've blogged anything on here. I will be blogging some of my cooking and cards that I've been making lately. Because I've been at home most of the time due to the lay off. I've been making a lot of things... I guess it's my creative side that I have. My latest food I made from scratch is NE Clam Chowdah... lol with fresh clams that my boyfriend's friends brought over for the weekend.

doesn't it look yummy? I never made this before, this actually taste really good. My boyfriend likes it alot. I made a big pot so we will be eating this for a few days.