Monday, April 26, 2010

almost that time of the year...

So tomorrow is my birthday, yes I am getting old. I am turning 26 -__-" Sometimes I don't believe that I am already 26. I feel like I am 21 still haha... Every year on my birthday is always rain and guess what! It's going to rain tomorrow or at least drizzles and showers. bummer!~ I was looking forward on a nice sunny day, let's hope it is. Over the weekend, I had my whole family over for a bbq. It was a combo of housewarming/birthday. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work too serving about 20-25 people. My bf and I didn't expect that our house would hold so many people because its not like a big house, its about 1400 sq ft.

It's not that big but I'm glad every had fun over the weekend. I am lazy to post up some of the pictures I took... maybe the next post I will. (sorry)

So my parents and sister came down to visit me today to take me out shopping and dinner for my birthday tomorrow. We went to Wretham Outlet. I brought a Coach bag for myself. *pic will come soon* and my sister brought me 2 short dresses and 2 belts *pic coming soon*
I live pretty close to the outlet not my favorite out but i love to shop there once a while. Usually its busy on the weekends and at the Coach store you would have to wait in line to get in. Its crazy but I've seen worst at the Seattle, WA outlets. After shopping, we came back to my house because my sister wants to borrow some of my bags that I don't really use much. She ended up with 2 of my Gucci bags -__-" she already borrowing one already now another 2. ugh! but whatever, I don't use it much. I hope she doesn't get it all dirty :( after dinner we went to Twin River Casino-Lincoln, RI- its a casino fills with slots and machines. I won $105 from the penny slots, very happy with my winnings.

So tomorrow is my birthday, so my BF made reservations to Ruth's Chris in Boston. I am very excited about my dinner because we never been there before and we heard a lot of good things about them. Only thing is that I will be out in Boston all day long till my BF gets out of work at 5pm. So I will be out there for at least 8 hours. I have few things I wanted to purchase some stuff at the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall and I want to get my pedi and mani done as well on Newbury Street...

I will be updating more stuff soon... be ready for it!

Goodnight, Dolls!


naturalnchicmakeup said...

Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you lots of joy and excitement on turning 26 =)

Jenny said...

happy birthday!! i know what you mean about growing up, i'm 23 and i feel like i'm 18 still! its all too scary!

*xen said...

hello there~ happy birthday! have a blast (:
your house looks really cozy, how about a tour? (:


Connie said...

Happy birthday! I love your new layout.

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